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In the 2019 Federal Election, Northumberland Peterborough-South needs a strong and experienced Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) candidate to beat the current liberal incumbent.  I am the one CPC candidate nominee that can accomplish this vital mission.

My Position

I describe myself as a fiscal conservative and a moderate when it comes to social issues. I believe in smaller government, lower federal taxes and developing the conditions that allow Canadians to prosper. I adhere to all of the Conservative Party of Canada Policy Declarations. However, at this point, I am not publishing a platform of priority issues for two reasons:

1) The CPC candidate nomination process is about identifying the most capable person to defeat the current Liberal incumbent, represent the riding and has the skill-set to affect positive change; and,

2) I believe it is prudent to listen first to the constituency before I take a position.

So let’s chat – contact me: vote@johnsorrell.ca 


Source: The above is based on Internet resources as of Nov 2018

Superscript notations:

1. Gaining experiences associated with moving through a typical human life cycle.
2. Obtaining an advanced degree post-undergraduate work.
3. Developing advanced business skills associated to holding a senior management position in a formal corporate environment.
4. Experience and expertise associate to starting,operating and managing a liquidation event of a Canadian registered business.

Philanthropy and Partnerships: Working with charity-based organizations like the Christian Blind Mission (CBM), Habitat for Humanity and  Niagara Warehouse of Hope, thousands of viable medical assets and surplus furniture pieces have been refurbished and sent to facilities for reuse via John’s company. 

Summary of Accomplishments

  • Awarded funding for graduate degree by Department of Canadian Heritage (1994)

  • Co-founded First Internet Service Provider (ISP) business in Northumberland County (1995)

  • Youngest Full-time Contract Faculty Member at York University – Faculty of Environmental Studies (2001)

  • Inductee to the Wall of Fame at Port Hope High School (2002)

  • Youngest manager promoted to the executive level team at DMTI Spatial Inc (2008)

  • Co-founded and managed Canadian Healthcare Services company – The Readiness Group Inc (current)

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